You might have a question – what we really do here? And what is our collaboration with the GO4ADVENTURE.travel agency? During the year travel agency organizes surf camps, hiking tours, and bicycle tours. We are here to document camps and tours. Besides the documenting for travel agency we explore Morocco on our own.

In parallel we create this blog, also we are filming daily diary videos of our explorations, and finally we have launched the Patreon page. Did you know you can become our supporter? Each individual Patreon will get early access to our daily dairy, future plans, updates or a custom made special Morocco postcard or 60 min individual sessions haring our know-how (social media, writing, cake secrets, camera, gear, travel destinations). Check it here: https://www.patreon.com/exploreabit

First week we spent documenting bicycle journey of 18 people group. Witnessed beautiful nature in the mountains and also valleys. The roads in Morocco are mountainous, making this journey so beautiful! Everyday lunch was eaten in picturesque and delightful places. The meal was prepared early in the morning, packed into lunch boxes for each participant. In total, 235 km were driven.

Did we mention nature here is wildly beautiful? The Atlantic Ocean’s presence embodies power and majesty. Visit our gallery and see Morocco from our point of view. Stay tuned! Tomorrow starts the surf camp. More pictures are coming. We will be documenting surfers adventures during the week. Waves fits for every taste – either they are beginners or pro surfers. Weather here is sunny and warm. Yesterday the air temperature was at least 26 degrees.  Water temperature 18 – 21 degrees. We call it perfect place where to spend vacation.


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