We have summarised recommendations from our experience.  You are welcome to take them in advance when living and traveling through Morocco. First part is devoted to living in a village. Second part will be about traveling around – Marrakesh, Casablanca, renting car car and going for amazing road trip.

The village we are living in is Tamraght. It is in between Agadir and Taghazout and next to the Aourir. Both known as a Banana villages because most people living here work in banana plantations.

Local people use all sorts of vehicles.

To get from our home village to Agadir we used a bus line. Since we are shy Europeans we didn’t want to take risks following local habit on first days. It is linking districts and villages. One ride from Tamraght to Agadir centre costs 5.5 MAD (1 € = 11.279 MAD) per person. Be sure you have some small change. Ticket will be given by driver.

Also collective TAXI’s are available. For one person approximately 10 MAD. But there is a circumstance to be remembered!!!! Usually TAXI will not leave if car is not full. It means – 6 persons in the car besides the driver! There are widely used Mercedes W123  for this purpose. This is a peculiarity of TAXI. And it is legal here. Fun! Fun! Fun! P.S. W123’s are getting slowly replaced with Dacias,shortly, the King will collect your Mercedes and give you brand new Dacia Lodgy.

Within city take small red taxis,

Our suggestion! P.S. If you consider to travel in couple, you can by all seats at the back! Also in a case if you are large company and traveling with friends. Look for pictures in the gallery. 🙂

Also moving inland by train. Or rent a car… Hertz, Awis. Also other companies. Prices depends on what you want. This section will be expanded.

p.s. Mostly men drives the cars, motorbikes, bicycles, horses and camels. It is rare situation when a woman is a driver.

p.s.s. You can also try your luck taking ride in locals drivers car, who will find you eventually if you are wondering around bus station or aside road. Though locals are not allowed to take tourists in private cars…

p.s.s.s. When renting car try finding local that you trust, trust is very important and let that person help arranging car. Internet  might tricky you badly.

p.s.s.s.s. We want some old Merce, coupe….

SLOW DOWN! You are not in a hurry!

We suggest you to take a walk around. It is an opportunity to taste surroundings. If you are longing for local charm, take a few block away from centre and touristic places. In this way we observed the beauty of Agadir.  Visited local area. Saw its own order and taste. A simple street cafe for locals  – seemed desirable object for us. We ordered strong green + mint tea, witnessed men coming out of mosque after prayer, different vehicle streams.

Good to have someone local by your side! We got good advices and suggestions from our chef at riad. Any questions we where interested addressed to Rachid – thank you for helpful and useful information.

Tourism is a cornerstone of Morocco. Adventure is guaranteed – will come up unexpected deals and offers from locals. For example in first day we talk to strangers us much as we never talked in previous year back home. How is that possible? Everyone offered  a help to get Agadir – every car driver signalized on us. At first it seemed funny! Also money can be asked for service – no matter what kind – whether it be a road explanation or permission of taking a product picture in the market.

Local food is one of the must have and must try points. From tagines, meat, fresh fruit, fish, sea products, spices to pastries and wines.

If you see some places with a signboard “pizza” – consider twice to try it. We did it twice, in two different places in Tamraght and Agadir. It wasn’t pizza unfortunately. We suggest try local street food, try local cafes and small places to feel the real taste.

For us favorite sweets are dates and moroccan pastry. Enjoying dates – delicious natural sweets you will get a feeling of honey or caramel. During the year many food festivals are held. Food is the road how to engage with old traditions. Moroccan festivals provides  food, music and dance experiences!

If you consider to visit Morocco for water sports camps, plan some extra time after or before to get to know surroundings and nature.

It is worth it. From big cities till rural regions, from Sahara to Atlas mountains. Days are sunny, sky is blue, blue. It is going to be memorable holiday. Physical challenges in water sports, spectacular nature scenery, the insight of Moroccan way of life.

In our opinion the souks are among one of the fascinating events!

We have been to Auorir’s Wednesday souk. Sometimes souks name depends on which day the country souks are held! Wednesday souk offered a variety of fruits, olives, nuts, spices, vegetables, things for home, costume jewelry, clothes, carpets, popcorn, dishes, shoes, hats, surf things. In short, you will get there all you need and don’t need. Fresh strawberries and green peas are the best! Been there, done that!


Beyond water sports enthusiasts throughout the year all kinds of events can be enjoyed – market visits, cooking classes, hammam (bathhouse) and yoga sessions, workshops learning traditional Berber and Moroccan crafts.

This blog is new for us. If you see some errors or bugs or great improvements, please let us know.

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