New year has started with a joy of travel. We decided to take our chances and go to Africa, Morocco for a quite long time. By air – it is the easiest way to reach Morocco. Regular flights are available from major European airports. Also train and bus can be other possibility. We arrived at late Saturday night at Morocco, Agadir Al Massira Airport. Agadir is the major city of the South.

We hoped to jump right into the summer. Travel guides says – coolest month is January. In Morocco rain comes only 2 days in a year. We got right on those two. Sad!

Luckily we got picked up by friends from Go4adventure.travel company – the organizers of surf and bike ride camps in Morocco. We got nice room and good night sleep at riad Cheburgena Tamraght. A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. Also need to mention first impressions of Moroccan cuisine – traditional tagine – a slow cooked stew with chicken meat this time. Tagine is named after earthenware dish with a conical lid. Very delicious and nourishing, but does not create feeling of heaviness.

The plan of first day – to go to the Atlantic Ocean coast. From riad it is 10 min by foot. We took a short-cut down the hill.

During this walk we noticed trash everywhere. People living here hope that someday rain is going to come and take everything. But nobody knows when it is going to be. Garbage stays where it is.

Morocco has long coastline at Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Tamraght is in between Agadir and Taghazout. This is the best beach to surf. Pros and amateurs love these beaches to train, chill and spend some calm time. Sunsets here are gorgeous. We saw a bunch of surfers trying to catch the waves. Also met the owners of horses and camels who offered a ride.

For sunset photography this beach presents great landscape – perfect spot is the Devil’s Rock – facing the sun on its departure every evening. Very romantic and beautiful place where some colours and lines can be captured.

Talking about photography, maybe you have noticed those great angled ones on a platforms of travel and tourism. We have few examples how usually places turn out more attractive and how they look for real. It depends on photographer’s point of view of course. Take a look at gallery and see how beauty and poorness living side by side. At first day it seemed little shocking, but today we celebrate one week in North Africa and somehow getting used to it. It is how it is.

All photos and videos made by exploreabit.net team – Emīls Skrīvelis and Kristiāna Cimermane.

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