We are team of two – Kristiana and Emils from Latvia, Saulkrasti. Together we are ready to explore a bit more. At the moment we are just about to begin our story. We live a life style which brings together passions, hobbies and income. So far life has led as through various paths. Kristiana is a choreographer and anthropologist, interested into food, cooking and writing. Emils has spent last years working on film sets. He is great at the photography and filming.

We came to the point that we would like to travel more, create visual and written stories.

Our motivation consists of wishes to spend more time together by creating content that will help reflect how it is to change, to discover each other and to explore world through travel.

There is nothing bad about trying the best on regular jobs like we do, but we want more. At the moment seeking out there for Patreons who will give a good push for the start. We will share our changes and might give you motivation and inspiration to change as well. So we can change together! Strong belief of us – if we have something to give to the world, it is going to respond. 

Our motto is “WE TRUST IN WANDERLUST“. It is our story about choices and life changing decisions.
We appreciate and value you being here with us!



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