We already told you about our first steps in Morocco. If you missed it read it here:

But we certainly need to tell you how we got here, how we made it possible, how we can afford it to leave home for long time. Maybe you have other questions? Please, let us know if you do.


Everything started with a simple idea. Together we wanted to change our daily rhythm. Also spend more time together, explore, travel and find the possibility to unite our skills and passions and share it to the world. How we developed travel part? Always a good idea is to seek for the collaborations.  We think that more can be done together. At first we looked for opportunities in Portugal and Georgia. Everything coincided in favour to go to Africa. Bought airplane tickets in late October. No way back. We will be in Morocco from January till the mid February. And we got only 2 months to prepare everything. Do you want to know how we prepared? Please, let us know!

We are in Morocco in collaboration with Our home is a cozy hotel – riad. The chef of riad Cheburgena Tamraght serves amazingly delicious local dishes! Riad is standing right up to the mountain with an amazing view to Atlantic Ocean.

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